My interest in graphic design began when I started making GIFs to post on Tumblr as a chronically-online teenager. Between managing my blog and constantly changing layouts on Myspace years earlier, I developed a basic understanding of web design and graphic design became a hobby.
Before graduating high school, I started exploring all things photography and found myself captivated by this intersection of creativity and technology. I devoured everything I could about the technical side of taking pictures, from Photoshop, to studio lighting, and even astrophotography on cloudless nights.
Currently, I’m the creative lead at Lindera Farms, a craft vinegar producer just outside of Northern Virginia. I create product labels, promotional materials, and manage our Shopify storefront. I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to work with celebrity chef duo Sohla and Ham El-Waylly to design a collaborative product between them and Lindera Farms.
While utility is my main priority, I always aim to find new ways to keep the fun in functional. With that in mind, I try to explore different styles, methods, and tools to create interesting and eclectic designs.
I expect to graduate in May 2024 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from George Mason University.
I can regularly be found sitting on the floor doing arts and crafts like painting, stamp-making, and embroidery. Outside of work, school, and design, I spend my time hanging out with my cat Jeebs and playing board games with anyone who knows how to shuffle cards. 
Relevant Experience
Creative Lead
Lindera Farms, December 2021 - Present
Graphic Design, Bachelor of Fine Arts
George Mason University, Expected May 2024
Silver Award
Indigo Design Award, April 2024
Blue Ridge Elixir Label Design for Lindera Farms
Bronze Award
Indigo Design Award, April 2024
Pizza Hot Sauce Label Design for Lindera Farms
American Graphic Design Award
60th Annual GDUSA Awards, November 2023
Pizza Hot Sauce Label Design for Lindera Farms
Honorable Mention
Indigo Design Award, April 2023
Golden Elixir Vinegar Label Design for Lindera Farms
Award of Excellence
The Real Show Student Design Competition, April 2023
Huevos Restaurant Branding and Menu Design

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