Blue Ridge Elixir
Blue Ridge Elixir is the second product to join Lindera Farms’ Elixir drinking vinegar lineup, and it's an ode to the wild foods of Appalachia. The goal with the Elixir line is to make products that are almost potion-like in their aesthetics, condensing both their elegant, high-quality nature with their unique flavors and vivid colors. With the Blue Ridge Elixir, we wanted to capture a scene of the Blue Ridge Mountains, where both Lindera Farms and the ingredients foraged for this vinegar are found. The label carries forward the design components of the Elixir line via the typeface and the metallic gold and silver elements, and the Lindera Farms logo is displayed prominently against an illustration of the vinegar’s namesake mountains and a sunset sky. 
This design won a silver award for packaging design in the 2024 Indigo Awards.

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